Guinguette Groupe

Spirit of Guinguette Groupe is a sensorial, taste and visual experience in chic and relaxed atmospheres, perfect places to escape to.
But it also consists of culinary professions philosophy:

Respect for each customer,
with requirements for consistent quality (products, food, service, atmosphere, hygiene)
Close relationships with our employees
and the concern for the well-being of our staff
An ecological approach
consisting in giving precedence to local produce and suppliers.
Our restaurants are located in Antibes, in the heart of the old town.
So stop waiting and join us onboard for a new journey…

La Guinguette du Tigre

Asian restaurant • China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

An exotic frame which will take you in the heart of Asia. Delicacies from China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand will delight your taste buds…

La Guinguette

Mediterranean restaurant
A family cooking, an old-fashioned and charming place feeling good childhood memories with original decoration and relaxing inner courtyard…

La Guinguette de Rio

South American restaurant •
Cocktail bar
Come and appreciate the authentic cooking of our chilian chef while sipping a cocktail in a festive and friendly atmosphere!

La Guinguette

La Guinguette offers quality Mediterranean cuisine based on local products, and welcomes you with a smile and good humor in a bohemian, quirky and relaxing place…

5 rue Sade - 06600 Antibes •  +33 (0) 4 93 34 64 74

La Guinguette du Tigre

In a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, La Guinguette du Tigre encourage you to rediscover asian rich flavours from Asia. Our chef offers a selection of refined dishes from China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

26 Bd d'Aguillon - 06600 Antibes •  +33 (0) 4 93 34 27 70

La Guinguette de Rio

La Guinguette de Rio invites you to escape into the heart of South America. Come and delight your taste buds with Chile and Peru authentic dishes, prepared by our chilian chef: ceviche, tiradito, fresh fishes, shared dishes… or sip our delicious cocktails in a friendly atmosphere.

24 Bd d’Aguillon - 06600 Antibes •  +33 (0)4 93 34 44 22

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